NewsGrowing curious and confident minds: Highlights from the 3rd Edition of TEDxYouth held at ISP Schools

Growing curious and confident minds: Highlights from the 3rd Edition of TEDxYouth held at ISP Schools

16 April, 2024

TEDx Youth, a globally renowned event where young minds take the stage, returned for its third edition hosted by ISP and it’s first time located in Jerez on February 15th, organised by El Altillo International School. The event, held at Fundación Cajasol Auditorium, showcased 12 young representatives from ISP Schools across Spain, who delivered brief, impactful talks in English, sharing their ideas and insights.

TEDx, initiated in 2009, is a locally organised event program that brings communities together to share experiences akin to those of TED Talks. Some of the best TEDx talks have garnered millions of views worldwide after being published on

The essence of TEDx events lies in the transformative power of ideas, aligning seamlessly with ISP Schools’ vision for educational transformation and their commitment to providing enriching international learning opportunities for all students.

The 12 participants underwent a rigorous selection process, including preparation, rehearsals, professional external training, constant support from a coordinator, and multiple reviews of their talks to ensure compliance with TEDx’s stringent rules.

Attendees at the event were treated to engaging talks on various topics such as “The Hidden Power of Breathing,” “The Importance of Diverse News Sources,” “The Lifelong Learner Mindset,” and “Beauty Standards.”

El Altillo International School proudly served as the host institution, showcasing the most prepared and representative voices from ISP Schools’ educational community. The event provided a platform for discussing globally relevant and crucial topics, promising to be a source of inspiration and knowledge, highlighting the impact of these young voices in an ever-changing world, where curiosity and self-confidence are essential traits for the next generation of leaders.

The success of TEDxEl Altillo International School Youth was made possible through the collaboration of trusted partners, to whom the school extends its sincere gratitude for their support: Fundación Cajasol, CampusPDI, Mallory, Vistalegre Solutions, and Fredes Insa School of Dance and Musical Comedy, which featured a performance by a group of El Altillo International School students.

These inspiring talks are now available on the TEDx YouTube channel, so make sure to immerse yourself in the power of ideas from the next generation!

See a summary video of the experience here: TEDxEl Altillo International School – Resumen de la experiencia (

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In conclusion, TEDx El Altillo International School Youth event exemplified the power of youth voices in shaping the future, resonating with TED’s mission to spread ideas worth sharing and inspiring positive change globally.

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