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Founded in São Paulo in 1999, the school serves 644 students in the Early Childhood Education, Elementary, Middle, and High School segments.<br /> With 24 years of educational experience, the Brazilian International School was founded to provide bilingual education to students from Early Childhood Education to High School, guaranteeing a quality academic education and natural fluency in Portuguese and English.<br /> One of the key points of the school's educational philosophy is the appreciation of Brazilian culture. Students often come into contact with the various elements as they form an active part of the curriculum, just like the other compulsory subjects.<br /> The institution strives to offer the means to develop a varied cultural repertoire. Experiencing bilingual education meets this objective since, in the learning process, students assimilate not only a language but also the cultural identity that the language carries with it.<br /> BIS has dual certification, offering senior high school students both Brazilian and international diplomas. After a long and thorough auditing process, the school received Cognia accreditation in 2022, making our teaching internationally recognized. Thus, students graduating from high school receive, in addition to their Brazilian diploma, an international diploma recognized in the United States and accepted at several universities worldwide.<br /> The program is aimed at Brazilian and international students, contributing to a more plural and diverse school environment. Students are introduced to learning both languages with complete curricula carefully designed by a qualified team committed to global education.<br /> We also look forward to sharing the valuable experiences and insights of the Brazilian International Educational Institution with the entire ISP community.<br /> BIS has been participating in the BEO - British English Olympics - for eight years, winning the first runner-up prize in 2022 and the second runner-up prize in 2023.<br /> Offering a cutting-edge education is the main objective of the Brazilian International School when outlining its pedagogical proposal, which is aimed at developing each student's capacities, potential, and aptitudes.


BNCC (Common National Curriculum), British Curriculum

Language of instruction

English, Portuguese

Facilities and services

gym: Gymnasium; music: Music studio

Special features

School counseling department; Innovation room; Exchange program; Cultural olympics

Head of school

Alessandra Pellegrino Casquel Lopes
Alessandra Pellegrino Casquel Lopes founded the Brazilian International School, a bilingual school in São Paulo, 24 years ago. On October 31st, 2023, together with the Bahema Educação group, she made 100% of her shares available to the current sponsor - International Schools Partnership (ISP). <br /> Alessandra continues to serve as Executive Director with the same love, professionalism, and commitment she has shown since the brand was conceived and founded.<br /> With a degree in Teaching, Pedagogy, and specializations in School Administration, Early Childhood Education, Educational Guidance, School Supervision, and Human Resources and a post-graduate degree in Psychopedagogy and Bilingualism, Alessandra Pellegrino has dedicated herself to her professional mission for 38 years, which is to work with Education and make every effort to contribute to the human development of her students. Passionate about Education, Alessandra is a visionary and restless leader who constantly seeks educational connections and innovations.<br /> Alessandra began her educational career at 14 as a class assistant, becoming an educator, Coordinator, Pedagogical Director, and Executive Director. Since 2016, Alessandra Pellegrino has also been the Commercial Director of OEBI - Organization of Bilingual Schools.<br /> In 2022, she wrote with her sister and professional partner, Audrey Taguti, the chapter "Emotional Balance, Courage, and Integrity in the School Environment" in the book "Soft Skills Kids: How to develop human skills in Children to become successful adults" published by Literare Books International.

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Av. Iraí, 1330 - Planalto Paulista - São Paulo, Sp, -23.6210503, -46.649854, 14, ChIJ0ePgOF1azpQRBgTCFaewi9M, 1330, Avenida Iraí, Av. Iraí, São Paulo, SP, 04082-003, Brasil, BR
Av. Iraí, 1330 - Planalto Paulista - São Paulo, Sp
+55 11 5502-5555

Facilities and services

gym: Gymnasium; music: Music studio